Marmot goodness went up last night. I had no idea, but there was Gore Pro Shell, Performance Shell, and Soft Shell stuff in there. It was all I could do to keep from claiming some of it for myself. We have about 30 bins full of Marmot that we received today that will be going up over the next couple of weeks. There are some great items, as well as some truly hideous Precips. I mean, these have never been a good idea, at any point in time. You’ll see what I mean when they get listed. We are hoping that someone will want them just as a joke.

Half of Icebreaker went up tonight, and the other half will go up next week. Once again, it was all I could do to keep from swiping stuff for myself. Next week’s half might not be quite a “half” if my resolve fails. There are a ton of t-shirts, with which I hope to replace all of my daily wearing cotton or polyester t-shirts. There is just no comparison between a Merino wool shirt and anything else. Only one hooded shirt in there, which is a bummer. I ordered myself a Conquest Hood, and it is my new favorite piece of clothing. I’ll do a nice write up on it after I get back from Thanksgiving.

I also relisted all the unsold stuff from the past week or so tonight. There is a ton of good Cloudveil in there, in case you missed it the first time. There are also some jackets that, like the Precips, were not a good idea. Maybe we’ll sell them to a blind cowboy or something. Women’s stuff is going low, as usual, so any ladies watching should grab whatever they want since you won’t get any of this even remotely close to our starting bids anywhere else.

I am working on creating the listings for the 350 pairs of Sorel boots that we have. Hopefully those will start Sunday or Monday. We have literally their entire 2007 line, but all in women’s 7, men’s 9, and kid’s 1/12. There are some nice cold weather boots in there, and some ridiculously furry boots for the ladies as well. Piles of kids boots too if you have a breeding program at your house. Adults boots will start at $9.99, kids probably at $4.99. Maybe cheaper if I am feeling frisky. Don’t expect quality listings on these though. They might just be pictures and what the boot is. Maybe more if Sorel’s website is friendly to me.

Our super dee duper website should finally be up and running a week from Monday. I have seen the final version, and it looks really slick. It is something you would expect out of a company like, not a few rednecks like us in Atlanta. The website will most likely house anything we have multiples or size runs of, while sample sets go to ebay. Who knows though, we might switch it around and see what happens. Right now, we are going to have a lot of small stuff like Nikwax, stove accessories, etc. as well as new stuff from Timbuk2, Jetboil, MSR, and a few others. Lots of Patagonia and The North Face clothing as well. Everything will, of course, be at impulse buy inducing low prices.