ZebraLight SC30w Neutral White CR123 Flashlight

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The SC30w from ZebraLight part of the new ZebraLight flashlight line, featuring an innovative interface controlled by a side switch. All three modes are instantly accessible, depending on how you press the switch. Add in the latest and greatest LEDs and you have a formidable light in a tiny package.

Main Features and Specifications

  • LED: Cree XP-E Neutral White (color temperature 4000-4300 K)
  • Light Output
    • High:    161 Lumens (0.9 hrs)  or    87 Lumens (2 hrs)
    • Medium: 32 Lumens (12 hrs)   or    17 Lumens (23 hrs)
    • Low:      3.2 Lumens (3.7 days) or  0.3 Lumens (21 days)
    • Light output are out the front (OTF) values. Runtime tests are done using Panasonic CR123A lithium batteries. Runtimes are usually much shorter with rechargeable RCR123 (16340) batteries, especially with protected 16340s that have higher discharge cut off voltage.
  • Battery: One CR123A lithium primary or RCR123 Li-ion rechargeable. Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Battery Shelf Life: Over 3 years under parasitic drain
  • Beam Type
    • 76° spill beam spread
    • 8.6° (3 feet at 20 feet) hot spot
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: 0.85 inch (22 mm)
    • Length:    2.60 inch (67 mm)
  • Weight
    • 1.1 oz (30.5 gram) with clip, without battery or headband
  • Features
    • Electronic soft-touch switch, with a 200,000 cycle operating life
    • Smart user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels
    • Precision machined casing from premium grade Alcoa aluminum bar stock
    • Proprietary heat sinking design bonds the LED metal core board directly to the uni-body aluminum casing, providing unblocked thermal paths to over 92% of the surface area.
    • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
    • SCHOTT ultra clear lens with anti-reflection coatings on both sides
    • Bezel down clip (pre-installed)
    • Can be used as a headlamp with the included headband (clip can remain installed when the light is on the headband)
    • Orange peel textured reflector
    • Anti-roll and tail-stand capable
    • Battery can be disconnected with slightly unscrewed tailcap
    • Waterproof to IPX8


  • From Off
    • Short click turns on the light to High instantly. Click again quickly to cycle from High to Medium, and Low.
    • Press and hold to cycle through Low, Medium and High, release to set.
  • When On
    • Short click turns off the light.
    • Press and hold to cycle from Low to High, release to set. The light always cycle from Low to High regardless which level you are currently in.
    • Double click at any level to toggle and select between the two sub-levels for that level. All selections are memorized after the light is turned off and through battery changes.


Accessories in the package

  • One black silicone holder with headband

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