XTAR SP2 Dual Bay Lithium Ion Battery Charger


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NOTE: Don't use 1 amp setting for smaller cells (10440, rechargeable CR2, ect.)

XTAR SP2 charges 14500/14650/17670/18500/18700/22650/25500/26650 3.6V/3.7 Li-ion Battery

Charging Qualifications and Structers

  • Operation Temperature: 0-40 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: 0-70 degrees C


Input AC: 12V DC/2.0A

  • 0.5A CC Current: 500m A+5%
  • 1A CC Current: 1000m A+5%
  • 2A CC Current: 2000m A+5%


Cut Off Voltage: 4.2+0.05V

  • 0.5A gear Cut off current/TC Current: <100m A
  • 1A gear cut off current/TC current: <150m A
  • 2A gear cut off current/TC current: <220m A
  • Standby current: <30m A
  • Auto Recharging Threshold Valut Voltage: 3.9+0.15V



  • SP2 is the follow up product of the successful WP2 II, and is no doubt one of the best 3.7V Li-ion charger on the market today.
  • SP2 is a professional automatic charger with high charging current, which is designed to charge a wide range of Li-Ion cells
  • It is designed with under voltage lock out and algorithm (TC-CC-CV) charging method which can monitor the battery status in real time
  • The charger adopts PWM technology, to supply the charging managment system charging power.
  • SP2 is designed with 0.5A, 1A, 2A optional charging constant currenty so that batteries with different capacities can achieve the best charging condition.



Charging qualifications and structures
Operation Temperature: 0~40℃

Storage Tempertature: 0~70℃

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