XTAR H3W - WARBOY W 950 Lumen 1 x 18650 CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight


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The H3W Warboy-W(warm) gives you a new choice of warm light which is different from the cool light of the H3 Warboy Headlamp. It utilizes the latest premium CREE XM-L2 U2 LED with a max of 950 Lumens. With clicking the on/off button, you can easily choose from 950Lm/400Lm/200Lm/70Lm/1Lm five modes for different uses. 50g net weight without battery. Lightweight but powerful, with a 3100mAh battery, you can have it last for 4.5 hours with 400Lm mode and last for whole night with 200Lm mode and even whole days with 70Lm mode(same runtime with H3). More choices, more happiness. Choose the light you like and let it be the best partner in the adventure! 

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