Wicked Edge Pro Pack II Sharpening Kit

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Wicked Edge Pro Pack II Sharpening Kit

Product Description

2012 Accessory of the Year at Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair. The Pro-Pack II features our newest hardware upgrades, bringing total precision to sharpening and bundling together a great selection of accessories to make a complete, professional package.

The Pro-Pack II Includes:

  • WE100 Platform
    • This is the same platform as on the Basic Kit and the Pro-Pack I
  • Upgraded Hardware
    • New micro-adjustable Ball Joint and Guide Rod Assemblies
    • Micro-adjustments of +/- .05 degrees
    • Riser Block allowing for angles down to 13 degrees (26 degrees inclusive)
    • Longer Base Rod calibrated to the Riser and new Ball Joint Assemblies that allows for angle adjustment out to 35 degrees on each side (70 degrees inclusive)
  • Diamond Plates (2) Each of:
    • 100 Grit
    • 200 Grit
    • 400 Grit
    • 600 Grit
    • 800 Grit
    • 1000 Grit
  • Ceramic Stones (2) Each of:
    • 1.4 Micron
    • 0.6 Micron
  • Strops (2) Each of:
    • 1.0 Micron Diamond on Leather
    • 0.5 Micron Diamond on Leather
  • Mounting Platform:
    • Granite Base
  • Digital Angle Gauge:
  • Accuremote Digital Angle Gaug

Additional Information

Weight: 34 oz

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