Vosteed Corgi Pup Trek Lock 2.37in 14C28N Blade Raffir Noble Handles

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A charming Corgi pup, happily circling you - irresistibly adorable, right? The Corgi pup is a fun-sized, or mini-sized version of the big Corgi original!


Boasting a 2.37'' 14C28N modified drop point blade with a flat grind, the Corgi pup is compact enough to fit in any pocket from edc pouch or fifth pocket and woman’s handbag. It packs a punch like its bigger sibling, but in a more portable package.


The Corgi Pup's mirror-symmetrical handle maintains the same width as the original, while its sleek, rounded design offers excellent ergonomics, no hot spots. Holding it feels like cradling a cute, small puppy - delightful and heartwarming. Its compact size and comfortable grip make it perfect for any occasion.


What sets the Corgi pup apart is our Trek Lock mechanism (Patent Pending). Placed right in the middle for a sleek, symmetrical look. You can choose to deploy it with either the front flipper or the back flipper–think of them as the Corgi's perky ears. And, to complete the picture, the pocket clip resembles its cheerful little tail, wagging happily your way!


The Titanium plate inserts not only provide extra structural stability but also add unique aesthetics.

The recessed textured button increases control over the action of the knife. The color-matched backspacer has a lanyard attachment and adds paring aesthetics.

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