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When the Power is Out - Your Phone Fails You - DISASTER Strikes - or - Help is NOT Coming:  Tiny First Aid Guide is There!


I designed the Tiny FIRST AID GUIDE to be the World’s Smallest and MOST Complete Pocket: Home, Work, Travel, Disaster, Adventure Medical Guide Ever - By Making it BOTH:
  • A PROACTIVE, Everyday Carry, LEARNING TOOL - To Help You EASILY Prepare and Train - BEFORE a Medical Emergency.
  • A REACTIVE, Pocket EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDE - To Help You Save Your Own Life (or the Life of Someone You Love) - DURING a crisis event.

    Amazing "Go Everywhere" Mini EDC First Aid Guide! It's a Tough, Credit-Card Sized, Game Changing Tool - that Weights Almost Nothing, Fits in a Wallet, Pocket, Purse, Glove Box, Survival Kit, Backpack, First Aid Kit or Bug Out Bag - So YOU Can Carry It Everywhere - All the Time!

    The World is Becoming More Dangerous - But Have NO Fear! INSIDE, You’ll Discover First Aid Tips for Almost Any Situation - INCLUDING:

    • Hiking, Camping, and Hunting Emergencies • Urban Disasters / Pandemics / Outbreaks • Natural Disasters: Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Storms • Tactical and Military Operations • Worst Case Scenarios • Active Shooter and Other Mass Casualty Incidents • Vehicle and Airplane Accidents • And a lot MORE!

    Powerful Built In Training System:  Tiny Survival Guide Boils Down Over 35 Hours of Proven Survival Training Developed Over Four Years by Two Renowned Safety & Survival Educators.

    INCLUDES 24 QR Code (Smart Phone) Scan Links to Audio, Video & Self-Paced Learning Resources + PLUS: • 167 Expert Tips • 51 Detailed Color Illustrations • 110 Life Saving Skills • 5 Mental Tips to Conquer Crisis • 19 Tactics First Responders Use • 10 "Killer" Mistakes to Avoid • PLUS Essential First Aid Gear Checklists 

    Who is Tiny Survival Guide For?

    A GREAT GIFT for friends and family... Tiny Survival Guide is for anyone who likes to: travel, hike, camp, fish, backpack, go for a drive, a walk in the park, explore new urban destinations or be safe and prepared.

    Save on Bulk Packs!

    Giving a Tiny First Aid Guide to someone you love is one of the easiest ways you can prepare them for an inevitable crisis situation and comes in affordable 5 packs at a discount. NOTE: Contact us for Military, First Response or Disaster Relief Agency Volume Discounts.

    Give Safety, Security, Peace of Mind to the Ones You Love

    Tiny First Aid Guide is easy to read, fun to browse, interesting to learn from and is a life-saving resource you'll want to give to those you love.

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