Tec Accessories RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool - Red/Black

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Tec Accessories RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool - Red/Black


The RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool is our miniature version of the conventional grappling hook. The hottest in trending gear, it's a must-have in your EDC gear bag.  The spikes are conveniently stored in the body until you're ready to use your RETREEV, making this a truly pocket-sized device.  

Why carry the RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool?

  • Shake lost items from tree branches, such as model planes or drones
  • Pull items from roof, such as a frisbee or fallen branch
  • Safely gather items that have fallen from a cliff or ledge
  • Pull or lower gear and supplies from higher elevations
  • Makes a great small craft boat anchor
  • Suspend your gear with it

RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool Features: 

  • Spikes stored in the body until assembled
  • Comes with both aluminum and stainless steel spikes
  • Stainless steel spikes will not bend under normal use
  • Aluminum spikes purposely bend under load for ease of retrieval
  • Replacement spikes available at a low cost 
  • Rare-earth magnet mounted in the head to retrieve ferrous metal objects
  • Weighted to tip tail-up when stationary to make it easier to snag an object
  • Spikes have special "soft-mount" design to reduce risk of getting the unit stuck during use
  • Choose either the standard clear anodized finish or the Special Edition Red/Black anodized finish

What you get:

  • (1) RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool
  • Set of (3) stainless steel spikes stored inside the body
  • Set of (3) aluminum spikes included (separate vial) 
  • Packaged in clear protective tube

CAUTION: Product will not support body weight and is not intended for climbing or load-bearing activities. Use care when aluminum spikes are installed. If unit is stuck, pulling and suddenly dislodging unit may cause severe bodily injury.


The RETREEV main body and cap are made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum with your choice of clear anodized finish or red/black anodized finish, and includes 1 set of aluminum spikes and 1 set of stainless steel spikes.

  • Overall length: 2.90 [73.5 mm]
  • Head diameter: 0.63 [16 mm]
  • Main body diameter: 0.51 [13 mm]
  • Hole size: 0.177 [4.5 mm]
  • Diameter around spikes when installed: Approximately 2.00 [50.8 mm]
  • Weight (with stainless steel spikes): Under 1 oz [27 grams]
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