Surefire KX2 LED Conversion Head for E2D, E2D, E2L - Black

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The KX2 dual-output LED head converts single-output incandescent or LED flashlights, such as the L4 Lumamax and all 2-battery Executive series (E-model) flashlights, into long-runtime dual-output LED flashlights. The Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens produces a tight beam with plenty of reach but enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision. The KX2's low output setting is 3 lumens, maximum high output setting is 60 lumens. Produces useful light for 100 hours on a set of SureFire 123A lithium batteries. Constructed of hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, the rugged KX2 is O-ring sealed to keep out moisture, dust, and dirt. Installs in seconds—simply remove the existing incandescent or LED head and screw on the KX2 head. Available in black or olive drab green.

Please Note: We cannot ship Surefire products outside the United States.

Fits: E2D, E2E, and older model E2L with KL1 head
  • Max Output: High - 60 lumens, Low - 3 lumens; Runtime: 100 hours
  • Solid-state LED has no filament to burn out or break; lasts thousands of hours
  • TIR lens creates tight central beam with enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision
  • Digital regulation ensures consistent light output; doesn't drop off like an unregulated LED
  • Construction: hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, tempered Pyrex® window, O-ring sealed and gasketed for weatherproofing

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