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The Adventurer packs all the power of SteriPEN purification into a compact package. At half the size of the SteriPEN Classic models, and weighing in at just 103 grams /3.6 oz with batteries, the Adventurer is the easiest SteriPEN to take with you when youÂ’re outdoors.


But just because it’s smaller, there is no trade off for speed, power or effectiveness here. The Adventurer purifies a half-liter of water in 48 seconds, just like the bigger models – but  in a smaller, lighter device. With its optional solar charging case, the Adventurer will give you the freedom to go way off the grid with a nearly limitless ability to purify water in a product that’s so light and compact, you’ll hardly know you’re carrying it.


The Adventurer ships with two non-rechargeable (disposable) CR123 batteries and a custom-fit neoprene pouch.

  • Solar charging clamshell case pulls double duty, providing handy, secure storage for the purifier and recharging the included double-cell rechargeable CR123 lithium battery
  • Simply clip the charging case onto a backpack or set it on the ground and aim it towards the sun to recharge the double-cell battery
  • Solar panel recharges 1 double-cell battery in 2 - 5 days, depending on solar conditions; battery can be recharged via the included plug-in power adaptor in 4 - 6 hrs.
  • SteriPEN adventurer requires no pumping, chemicals, test strips, extended time-keeping or filters; leaves no aftertaste, will not clog and does not require lubrication
  • Innovative SteriPEN system uses UV light rays instead of chemicals to purify water for drinking
  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light rays safely sterilize clear water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), bacteria and even viruses
  • SteriPEN protects you from risks that cause botulism, cholera, dysentery and typhoid, just to name a few
  • SteriPEN Adventurer is simple to use: just press a button and gently agitate the water with a quick stir
  • Purifies 16 fl. oz. of water (cold or warm) in less than a minute, or 32 fl. oz. in a minute and a half
  • Rechargeable battery provide about 60 treatments before needing to be recharged
  • SteriPEN Adventurer features a soft-touch coating, offering a comfortable texture in your hand and scratch resistance in harsh environments
  • Small size fits most containers—use it in cups, mugs, water bottles and canteens; carries easily in a shirt pocket
  • Adventurer turns itself off once ultraviolet treatment is complete; light source can be used up to 8,000 times!
  • Watertight seals keep water away from the electronics; rubberized coating ensures secure handling in wet conditions
  • Low-power indicator lets you know when batteries need recharging; twist-off cap permits easy battery access
  • Long used by municipal water districts and bottling companies, low-level UV-C light treats water safely; unit's light will not damage eyes or skin
  • Use only on clear water, as cloudy, sediment-laden water hinders effectiveness
  • Charging case interior is molded of soft foam for safe transport; comes with a snap-lock closure and a spot for storing an extra double-cell battery (extra battery included)
  • Adventurer can also be powered via 2 single-cell disposable CR123 lithium batteries (sold separately); never attempt to recharge disposable batteries in the solar case
  • Includes Adventurer purifier, solar charger, double-cell rechargeable CR123 lithium battery, bonus double-cell rechargeable battery, carrying case, AC adapter and instructions

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