Stainless Steel Permanent Match - Round

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Stainless Steel Permanent Match - Round

The permanent match is a neat (and very effective) little fire starting tool. The "match" portion is a metal rod with a wick inside and a scraper on the end. When it is soaked with lighter fluid from inside the reservoir, the match is struck against the attached firesteel to light the wick and give you a long burning flame. When the match is not in use, it threads into the reservoir and stays tightly sealed with the attached o-ring to keep the fluid ready for the next time you need the tool. The durable body is constructed from stainless steel and ABS plastic and is approximately 2.3" x .8".

To use:

  1. Remove the match rod.
  2. Fill the reservoir with lighter fluid, leaving enough room for the match to be inserted. Be sure to clean any excess or spilled lighter fluid off the exterior of the body BEFORE using the match.
  3. Insert the match and let it soak up the lighter fluid.
  4. Remove the match and strike the scraper end against the firesteel attached to the side of the body. The sparks will ignite the wick that is soaked with lighter fluid.
  5. Light stuff on fire.
  6. Blow out the match and reinsert in the body when done, making sure to screw it in tightly to ensure a good seal.
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