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Spyderco Bug Set


Non-locking folding knives aren’t a new concept.  They’ve been around for centuries without much change but continue selling among a sea of modern locking knives.  The reason?  While many knife buyers appreciate the traditional aspects of a non-locker, more want this type of knife because they live or work where laws prohibit carrying and using a locking pocketknife.  Spyderco perceived a gap between traditional slipjoints and modern locking folders and created a product line called SLIP JOINTS.  SLIP JOINTS offer reliable and sophisticated non-locking folders that open with one hand, have a finger choil for comfort and safety and are conveniently accessible.  As the overall SLIP JOINTS line expands, a subcategory of micro-sized SLIP JOINTS with stainless steel handles is populating within and Spyderco calls them Bugs.  The first Bug was matter-of-factly named, The Bug. Its non-locking blade is just barely over an inch long.  Next up, a two-inch blade called the HoneyBee followed by the release of a larger one yet, The GrassHopper.  Affable Bugs draw comments like “how cute” - a beneficial perception in a knife-cautious world but their size trumps the reality that they’re serious business when it comes to cutting.

C133 Bug:  Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly but someone forgot to tell the bee that.  It defies both nature and expectations that something that small performs such a grand maneuver.  Like bumblebees, Spyderco Bugs perform unexpectedly.  The smallest folder in the trio,  Bugs are just 2-7/8” (73mm) long opened, and closed measure 1-5/8” (41mm).  Blade length is 1-5/16” (33mm) and they weigh only .4oz (12g).  Blade Steel is 3Cr.


C137 HoneyBee:  The second folder in the micro-SLIPJOINT fraternity and a small step-up, size-wise, from the Bug.  Its tiny blade reaches one-and-a-half inches long yet is all business when it comes to cutting.  Overall: 3-5/8” 92mm.  Blade length: 1-5/8” 41mm.  Weight: .56oz 15g.  Blade Steel is 3Cr.rn


C138 Grasshopper:  The GrassHopper’s size is closest to that of a true penknife with its blade over two-inches.  Overall it’s 5-1/32” 128mm.  Blade length: 2-5/16” 59mm inches. Weight: 1.4oz 39.5g.  Blade Steel is 3Cr.


All of the handles are chamfered so there are no squared-off edges digging or biting into a gripping hand.  The handles are stainless steel with a laser engraved Spyderco bug and enough blank area for a small amount of engraving or customization as jewelry or a gift item.  .  Handle lanyard-hole welcomes a chain for wear around a neck or a keychain.

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