Sportac Two Level XP-L HI P60 Drop in For Surefire Host Body Flashlights (Includes a Spacer/Adapter for 18650 Body Flashlights)


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This listing is for the CREE XP-L HI. Some of the LED specifications may be different.

Two levels Sportac P60 dropin

This newly updated P60 dropin now features high and low brightness output! Different and superior than the rest of the P60 dropins. The Sportac P60 dropin uses all brass construction for maximum heatsink capability. The unique design allows the dropin to be directly in touch with the flashlight body for quick heat trandser, thus allowing LED to be driven harder and running brighter. Featuring state-of-art C3000LV DS LED driver and latest LED technology, Sportac is simply the best P60 dropin ever made.

C3000LV DS LED driver

C3000 DS isn't just about dual brightness levels. It also features new 1MHz fast switching buck circle that allows ultra low dropout voltage (less than 0.2V) for longer current regulation runtime using single 18650 battery. The low internal resistance design offers up to circuitry efficiency when input voltage is near the LED forward voltage. To prolong runtime, the circuitry features energy saving feature which will step down the lumen output by 10% at high output after 200 seconds. How to use? Insert drop-in to your SF host, or install it with spacer when installing to a 18650 body host. It's normal to leave a small gap between the head and body as the drop-in is heatsink directly with the body. To toggle brightness levels, simply switch the flashlight off and on after turning the flashlight on. The micro-processor in the circuitry memories the last output you have turned on for more than one second.

CREE XM-L2 U2, XP-G2 S2, XP-L V5 or Nichia 219 CRI-92 LED.

We offer the highest and latest bin available LED for maximum brightness. XM-L2/XP-L gives more beam distance while the triple XP-G2 offers maximum lumen. The new Nichia 219 5000K neutral white LED boosts CRI to 92 for best color beam. We also offer XM-L2 Neutral white color in T6 brightness.

What's special?

  • Two brightness output  
  • Includes spacer ring to fit 18650 P60 flashlight body 
  • Energy saving feature 
  • Input voltage: 2.7-6V 
  • Brass Heatsink 
  • Deep aluminum reflector design with smooth reflective coating 
  • Reversed polarity protection 
  • Built-in brass spring for recoil 
  • Wide input voltage 
  • Available with cool white or netural white LEDs 
  • Product weight: 1.1oz (XM-L2) 1.3oz (3*XP-G2)

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