Spark ST5-220CW XM-L2 Cool White AA 210 Lumen Headlamp


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This is the new XM-L2 LED version of this flashlight, the info listed is from the older XM-L version. The flashlight with the new emitter will be about 15% brighter than the older model.

Spark started off not very long ago by making some very interesting headlamps. The headlamps include a clear and frosted lens, giving you the option of either a traditional focused or a more diffused beam. The 180OW has a neutral white/outdoor tint and the 210CW has a traditional cool white tint. Both models are using the XP-G LEDs, which will give better throw than the XM-L LED models.


  • LED: Cree XML T6 cool white5 modesSuper: 220lm 0.9hoursMax: 120lm 1.8 hoursMed2: 40lm 8hoursMed1: 10lm 30hoursLow: 2lm 86hours


  • One 14500 rechargeable Li battery or AA battery with range from 0.8V~4.2V
  • Electrically conductive aluminum body provides inherent EMI/RFI shielding
  • SCHOTT ultra clear lens
  • Reverse polarity protectedIPX8 waterproof


  • without battery:40g
  • with battery and headband:105g


  • Length:52mmDiameter:48mm


  • Premium grade aluminum alloy machined body with hard anodized finishingImpact resistance Lens with 98% transparency


    Single click on switch to turn the flashlight on&ff. Hold on button to go throught Minimum, Medium1&Medium2, Max mode. When desire mode is reached, release to stop brightness ramping and current mode is memorized. At any mode, quick double click on button to trigger the Super mode. Double click again to return to the previous mode.

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