Spark SL6S-740NW XM-L2 Neutral White 18650 740 Lumen Flashlight


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Please note that high quality 18650 batteries are required to access and maintain the turbo mode of this light. 2 CR123s will likely not power turbo mode and many the protection circuit of many protected 18650s will kick in when the light is switched to turbo. Two batteries that we have tested and confirmed to power the turbo mode are the Eagletac 3100 mAh 18650 and the AW 2900 mAh 18650.

The specifications below are for the original XM-L version.  The XM-L2 LED is approximately 20% brighter.


  • LED:XMLT5 neutral white

5 modes

  • Super:740lm/0.7 hours
  • Max: 460lm/1.4 hours
  • Med2:200lm/3.5 hours
  • Med1: 60lm/10 hours
  • Low: 18lm/36 hours


  • One 18650 rechargeable Li-on battery or two CR123
  • Reverse polarity accepted circuit


Electrically conductive aluminum body provides inherent EMI/RFI shielding

SCHOTT ultra clear lens

Polarity reversibility

IPX8 waterproof


  • without battery:75g
  • with battery:125g



  •  Length:125mm
  • Diameter:31mm



Single click on switch to turn the flashlight on & off.

Hold on button to go through Minimum, Medium 1& Medium 2, Max modes. when desire mode is reached, release to stop brightness ramping and current is memorized

At any mode, quick double click on button to trigger the Super mode, double click again to return to previous mode.Super mode automatically steps down to Max mode after 5 minutes for protection.

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