Spark SD73-NW XM-L T6 Neutral White 280 Lumen AAA Flood Headlamp

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The Spark SD73 NW (neutral white) is a great flood headlight, but with a warmer tone than the CW version. An optional reflector gives it decent throw and makes the system very versatile, especially with the included magnetic attachment system.


  • Led: CREE XML T5 neutral white
  • 5 modes
  • Super: 280lm/1.1hours
  • Max: 200lm/1.3hours
  • Med2: 70lm/5hours
  • Med1: 12lm/30hours
  • Low: 0.5lm/35days
    * Upon data are based on testing with 3*Sanyo eneloops AAA batteries.



  • 3*AAA, working range from 1.6V to 7.6V
  • Reverse polarity protected circuit
  • SCHOTT ultra clear lens
    Reverse polarity protected
  • IPX8 waterproof



  • without battery:70g
  • with battery and headband:115g



  • Length:68mm
  • Width:31mm



  • Premium grade aluminum alloy machined body with hard anodized finishing
  • Impact resistance Lens with 98% transparency


Single click to turn the headlamp on & off.
Hold on button to go through Minimum, Medium 1&Medium 2, Max modes. When desire mode is reached, release to stop brightness ramping and current mode is memorized.
At any mode, quick double click on button to trigger the Super mode. Double click again to return to the previous mode

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