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The Trekker Kit comes complete with a GigaPower Stove, Trek 1400 Cookset, and a windscreen.  These products are designed to modularly fit together relieving space in your pack and time setting up.



Material    Stove: Stainless Steel, Pot: Titanium, Windscreen: Stainless Steel
Output    Stove: 10,000 BTU's
boil time    Stove: 4 min. 48 sec. / 1 liter
burn time    110 gram fuel: 50 min. on high, 250 gram fuel: 85 min. on high
Dimensions    Pot: D 5.5" H 4.5"
Stove: D 4.2", H 2.6"
Windscreen: D 4.5" H 0.6"
Includes    GigaPower Auto Stove, Trek 1400 Titanium Pot with Meshbag, and Windscreen
Capacity    Trek 1400: 47 fluid oz
Size Stowed    D 5.75" H 5.9"
Storage Case    Mesh Bag
Made In    Japan
Weight    13.15 oz
Additional Info   

  The trek 1400 is designed to store one GigaPower 250G canister and our GigaPower stove held together with a mesh sack. Or two 110G canisters storing the stove separate

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