Snow Peak Lapel Torch

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Snow Peak Lapel Torch

Hands free lighting is a necessity for any outdoors person, whether your just going for a nighttime walk or starting a pre-dawn fishing trip. However headlamps are not always an ideal solution to your lighting needs. Many common complaints about headlamps include headaches, bulkiness, awkward looking, and blinding to anyone your chatting face to face with. The Lapel Torch is the solution to all your issues with using a headlamp. Simply clip the light to your shirt or coat, throw the battery pack in your pocket and BAM, you have all the hands free lighting you need. The smartly designed magnetic ball-joint allow you to direct the light to whatever you wish while securely attaching to your cloths without tearing, or piercing. Minimal and elegant, this light is all you need and more. 

  • Super strong magnetic connection allows for strong attachment to many materials
  • Curved magnetic connection allows you to adjust the pitch of the light up or downward
  • Brightness levels include high, low, variable, and emergency strobe
  • Wrap cord around the battery case and attach the light to use as a handheld light

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