Smokey Mountain R&D Rapid Fire Capsules Chemical Fire Starter

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Smokey Mountain R&D Rapid Fire Capsules Chemical Fire Starter

Having trouble finding natural tinder and really need to get a fire started? Try the Rapid Fire Capsules, which use potassium permanganate powder filled capsules and glycerin to start a powerful chemical fire in a matter of seconds. Alone, the chemicals would burn out quickly, so wax coated jute is included to provide approximately 30 seconds of burn time.

Package includes:

  • 1 x bottle of glycerin
  • 10 x potassium permanganate capsules
  • 10 x wax coated jute bundles

Just in case the danger of these chemicals is not apparent, be sure to follow all instructions and warnings on the packaging. The powder will degrade in sunlight, so keep your kit stored in a dark place.

Due to postal regulations, these kits must be shipped via a ground method, meaning first class or parcel post. We CANNOT ship these to international customers.

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