Smith Optics Trailblazer ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses-Black-Polar Gray Green


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It's a bright and sunny day at the beach ... and it's the weekend unfortunately, with lots of tourists, families, kids, and the like running across your favorite spots. No populated crowd puts a damper on your day though; just slide on the Smith Trailblazer Sunglasses with Polarized ChromaPop lenses and find the best spot to start your weekend off right. Smith's groundbreaking ChromaPop technology filters out specific wavelengths of light to optimize color definition and perception so you see the ocean and the beautiful sky in ways that the crowds can only dream of.

In addition to the color-enhancing technology, the lenses also feature film-free polarization that bonds to the surface without the necessity of glues that cause delamination; this ensures long-lasting polarity that allows you to peer the pier even when the sun tries to strain your eyes. A hydroleophobic, non-reflective, scratch-resistant coating on both sides of the lenses protects them from sand scratches, reflective glares, and kids' oily fingers when they pry the glasses off your face. Smith utilizes recyclable material in its Evolve frame for an unbelievably lightweight pair of sunglasses. And the hydrophilic Megol pads stick to your nose and temples even when you pick up a sweat from the sun and head down to the ocean to cool off.

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