Smith Optics Nomad Men's ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses-Matte Brown - Polar Brown


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In the Smith Polarized ChromaPop Nomad Sunglasses, you don't need to know your destination until you get there. Regardless of whether you chose the road less taken or the main drag through town, you want to shield your eyes from glare without sacrificing an ounce of visual definition. ChromaPop lenses up the ante on polarization, cutting out color confusion so every color rings true. Anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lenses makes sidelight reflections a thing of the past, and hydroleophic coating on the frontside repels moisture, grease and grime. Now you can wear sunglasses at the same time you down a bucket of garlic fries. The titanium frame won't weigh heavy on your face, and adjustable silicon nose pads prevent these shades from creeping down your conk.

  • Polarized ChromaPop lenses, 100% UV protection
  • Anti-reflective and hydroleophobic coatings
  • Titanium frame
  • Navigator design
  • Medium fit, medium-large coverage

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