RovyVon Aurora A29 700 Lumen Brass Micro-USB Rechargeable Compact High-CRI EDC Flashlight

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The first time RovyVon tries to make a flashlight in brass, the Aurora A29, you guys make it possible now as we received suggestions and feedback that you may like our Auroras in brass (here it is now) or copper (maybe in the future?). Other than the material Brass, the A29 shares the most features with the Aurora A23 Nichia version, but the A29 is, of course, heavier with 83.6g in weight, and comes with different packaging. 

*Brass and/or Copper will have patina over time, the pattern(s) is completely random and not controlled by us, this is normal and not under warranty if the claims are based on the patina. 

  1. CNC precision-crafted from Brass
  2. Utilizes Nichia 219C High CRI LED, max 700 lumens
  3. Uses constant current circuit, no PWM
  4. Rechargeable** and replaceable 600mAh lipo battery
  5. Quick charge in 1 hour with the built-in Micro USB port
  6. One-handed operation friendly metal side switch
  7. Brass heatsink and Pogo pin connection
  8. Stainless steel pocket clip***
  9. Tritium slots on the tail for DIY
  10. Equivalent IP68 weather resistance

**The battery is proprietary.
***The clip is not removable.

  • Series: Aurora
    Material: Brass
    Dimensions: 76mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter)
    Weight: 83.6g/2.95oz
    LED: Nichia 219C, 4500K neutral white, max 700 lumens, min 90 CRI
    Beam distance (max): 109m
    Light intensity (max): 3450cd
    Switch type: Side metal switch  Lens type: TIR
    Type: Lithium polymer rechargeable
    Typical capacity: 600mAh;     Max runtime: 72 hours
    Charge method: Micro USB;  Charge time: 60 minutes
    Indicator: Red is charging, blue is fully charged.

    Accessory: 1*User manual, 1*SS key ring, 1*1m paracord, 1*Lanyard, 1*Warranty card
  • Illumination
    Momentary ON: Press and hold (Turbo), release to turn off
    Constant ON: Double click
    Switch mode: click to cycle through Low-Med-High-Turbo
    Turn Off
    a. At any mode, long press 0.3s;
    b. Click when the light works at any mode for over 3 minutes.
    Memory: It will be turned on the mode it was turned off last time if it worked over 3 minutes.
    Emergency mode
    Turn ON: Triple-click
    Switch mode: Click to cycle through SOS-Strobe
    a. At any mode, long press 0.3s;
    b. Click when the light works at any mode for over 3 minutes.
    Moonlight: Quad click to turn on, then click to turn off. 

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