RovyVon A3 G4 650 Lumen Keychain Flashlight USB-C Rechargeable Cool White 6500K - Mao White

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The Aurora A3 G4 from RovyVon is a must-have EDC flashlight, effortlessly combining power and portability for your convenience. With its MAO White body, it’s not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing! Keep your keychain illuminated with this effortless flashlight!

Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) is a surface treatment process that has become increasingly popular in manufacturing high-quality flashlights and EDC gear. This process involves using high voltage and an electrolyte solution to create a hard ceramic layer on the surface of the metal such as aluminum and titanium. The resulting layer is highly durable, and corrosion-resistant, and provides a sleek and modern finish. MAO is a relatively new technology that is gaining popularity due to its ability to improve the performance and aesthetics of products.

User Interface

1) Lock: rapid click 5 times, the emitter blinks twice.
2) Unlock: rapid click 5 times when the light locked, the emitter blinks 3 times.
*Instant Unlock: plugged in to charge.
3) Momentary on: with the light switched off, press and hold for High mode, release the button to turn off.
4) Constant on: rapid double click to turn on from the memorized mode, then click to cycle thru moon-low-med-high; press the button for 0.5s to turn off.
*Mode memory: a mode working over 3 minutes.
5) Emergency mode: rapid triple click to turn on the strobe mode, then click to turn off.

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