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The Scout was built to be the perfect adventure tool/trowel! Our Spade Tools are inspired by the Japanese Hori-Hori garden tool. We set out to design a American made, multipurpose tool/trowel that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. The Scout’s compact size, spade point, finger guard and multipurpose design, make it an essential tool for any backpacker, metal detector, camper, hunter or prepper. It’s also great for foraging and gardening. The Scout has also seen military service with EOD units.

The Scout is capable of performing all the tasks you wouldn’t want to use your knife for….Dig. Split. Pry. Hammer. The Scout is great for digging holes thanks to its spade point and can be used for metal detecting, gardening, digging a fire pit and even EOD use.

The main bevel is used for splitting wood for a campfire or shelter construction, chopping and is also able to pry roots. The Scout can also be used to hammer in tent stakes and snares.

The cutout in front of the finger guard serves several purposes. It can be used to choke up on the tool when using the back end as a hammer. It’s also a pot lifter for taking a hot pot or kettle out of the fire by its handle. This area was also designed to be a bayonet wrap catch so the tool could be easily lashed to a pole for foraging or defense.

The Scout is the perfect companion to a folding knife or multitool. Save your knife for making fine cuts and the Scout will handle the rest!  The Scout also makes a great addition to a bug-out-bag and is a great tool to have in the event of a natural disaster. Thanks to its compact size and weight, the Scout is very easy to take with you and has several different  carry options. The tool can be clipped on backpacks and belt loops with a carabiner, or thrown tip up in a back pocket if you’ll be using it often. The Scout is a multipurpose utility tool. It is not a knife and is not knife sharp.

  • Scout is 100% American-made 🇺🇸
  • 3/16 inch thick steel.


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