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A front pack is a pack or bag that allows for access of equipment from the persons chest. Front packs first and foremost allow for easy access of gear without the removal of any equipment. In many adventure outdoor activities it can be critical to the sport to have the ability to reach essential gear fast without the removal of a backpack. Simplicity is the foremost purpose of the front pack but there are many additional benefits as well.

Weight distribution and balance is a key element in the utility of the front pack. Shifting weight forward in situations when carrying heavy loads can be critical to the comfort and balance of an individual. Backpacking is a sport where in many situations is is critical to maximize the contents of your load for a longer duration of stay. The ability to move small amounts of weight to the frontal region significantly reduces overall stress on an persons shoulders and back. Moving a small amount of heavy equipment forward to a front pack can allow for an individual to either maximize or minimize the overall load contained in a backpack.


For the serious backpacker certain tools and equipment are essential for the trip. A GPS, map, compass, cell phone, first aid kit, survival equipment and trail snacks are just a few. These items often need to be readily accessible or placed in a location that does not disrupt the contents of the backpackers load. A front pack allows consistent access to these items without the removal of travelers pack. Placing a small amount of equipment forward on the torso drastically improves overall balance, comfort and mobility.


Fishing is a sport where an extra arm could often come in handy. For many years fisherman have proven the benefits through the use of the fishing vest. With a fish on, itÂ’s often that quick and easy accessibility of tools can prove critical. A fishing vest or front pack allows simple organization and utility.


In a sport where stealth is of the up most importance, it is imperative for the hunter to minimize movement and sound. Having gear in a location that requires little to no movement allows the hunter to maintain a position without alarming any prey. A front pack is the best solution for this strategy..


When its break time itÂ’s usually on the chair lift. Backpacks can be awkward and tricky when getting to and from your gear. A front pack allows no change of position and potential for loss of gear. Back country skiing and boarding can be a dangerous sport. In the event of an avalanche and an individual becomes trapped beneath the snow, it may be that only access to a front pack can allow for access to life saving equipment.

In all there are unlimited uses for the front pack. Front packs are the best compliment to any outdoorsmanÂ’s gear when accessibility, functionality, mobility and simplicity are required. From horseback riding, long distance biking, motorcycling and kayaking. All sports where fast and easy access of gear is essential, a front pack is your best solution.

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