Prometheus GP ReCyko 120v Wall Charger + 4 AA Battery Bundle

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This variant includes a 120V (US Plug) Wall Charger

This Wall charger accepts both AA and AAA batteries and will also charge any other brand of NiMh battery.

The PB420 is an "overnight" charger, meaning it will not shut off when the charge is complete. You are literally supposed to leave them in overnight, and then remove.

Do NOT leave batteries in the charger for an extended period of time. NiMH batteries won't fail dramatically, but the constant over charging will diminish the overall capacity of the battery.

If you don't believe the hype, $10-$15 bucks isn't a huge expense to try it out yourself :) Nothing beats first hand experience. Be the expert, not the uninformed.


Full power for the life of the battery: Alkalines loose power as they run down.
They don't leak: and you know alkalines leak and ruin your stuff all the time.
ReCyko+ lasts for more 1000 charges: One battery vs. 1000 alkalines!
Low Self Discharge: 80% charge retention at 6 months
The best option for Beta QR flashlights: or any device for that matter.
Same performance as expensive lithium disposables: without the waste.
Don't worry, I used to be just like you, buying costco packs of alkaline batteries and feeling bad about the incredibly insane amount of waste...of raw materials, but also money.

Disposable batteries are a major punishment on your wallet. Thousands of dollars over a lifetime, and thousands of batteries in the landfill. I don't know about you, but I work hard for the money that is in my pocket and I really hate the idea of paying that hard earned cash for something that I KNOW is going into the trash...I'm talking about alkaline batteries in case that wasn't clear.

Modern NiMh batteries have none of the drawbacks that you associate with rechargeable batteries. I really mean it. My house has switched over (100%) to rechargeables and I couldn't be happier.

GP ReCyko+ compares very (very) favorably to everyone's favorite Panasonic practice you'll never know the difference. I wouldn't bother to sell ReCyko+ if I wasn't 100% confident they were awesome.

I actually tried to get a deal with Panasonic for a couple of years and they were awful to deal with at every step. It took me more than a year just to get a response from them, which finally involved calling in a favor from someone I knew at Panasonic.

I got fed up with their attitude and contacted GP. Negotiating a deal still took a long time, but they have been amazingly responsive and helpful every step of the way. I've actually been buying LR44 batteries from GP for years. When I enquired about AA/AAA rechargeables the next email came from their US VP of sales within 24 hours.
When I'm dealing with any company, it matters what kind of company they are, and I'm proud to be representing GP. You may have never heard of GP here in the US, but they are a major player in the rest of the world and manufacture a huge percentage of the world's batteries.

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