Prometheus Beta-QR 1 x AAA Nichia 219 High CRI 60 Lumen Quick Detachable LED Flashlight (HAIII Black Body)

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The Beta-QR has something for everyone, and it's designed to be there when you need it and disappear when you don't.

  • AAA Battery: Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMh (Eneloop) - NO Lithium-Ion
  • High CRI LED
  • Quick Release
  • Awesome + Affordable!

This tiny and functional light retains all of the core qualities of a custom Prometheus light: the aesthetic appeal, thoughtful design, and superior beam quality. The Beta-QR was conceived with a simple goal: be the best keychain flashlight on earth

Please Note: A loose fit between the brass QR and the body of the light is a normal (and intentional) condition. It helps prevent incomplete engagement of the retaining mechanism, and unintentional release of the flashlight from the QR.

*From the Manufacturer*

"The concept came to me through observation, research, and conversation. I tried carrying other keychain lights. They were handy to have around, but always got ditched from my key ring...because when I need light I don't want it stuck to a wad of keys. Keychain lights just don't work like I need or want them to, so I came up with something that does."

  1. It's a (patent-pending) Quick-Release Flashlight: Normally a keychain-light is a compromise: close at hand, but often useless and frustrating because the light is shackled to your keys. The Beta-QR is a "real" flashlight that hangs out on your keychain till duty calls. The Quick Release is a tried and true design and an elegant solution to the problem. The QR lets you use the light how you naturally want to use it, you don't have to fight with it. It's so simple, that it's awesome.
  2. The state of the art Nichia 219 High CRI LED: The 219 is a bit of semiconductor magic that turns the idea of "bad quality LED light" on its head. People hate LEDs for the same reason people used to hate fluorescent bulbs...the light they produce is absolutely horrible. Fluorescent lights have changed, and so have LEDs. It's time to stop living in the dark ages. Yes, that was a flashlight pun.

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