Prometheus Alpha Pen - Electroless Nickel Plated 6061T6 Aluminum

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Every Alpha Pen is precision crafted to the highest possible standards...mine

Designed from the ground up to complement only the Montblanc Fineliner cartridge (epic) or the Montblanc Rollerball cartridge (great). This means no extra parts to lose, no fiddly springs, a thread-in cartridge, and components that fit like a German car door.

Made right here in California, by me. I like to support people that take pride in their work, people who do a job the right way because that's the only way it should be done. When you back an Alpha Pen it makes a real difference to me and the vendors I use. It pays the power bill, puts food on the table, and keeps us looking forward to the day's work.

Precision that's not marketing hype. I don't deal in hype. I machine precision parts for a living and you can (and should) expect world-class craftsmanship. If you are buying a pen that is machined, you are going to feel the difference when it's designed and manufactured by a machinist!

The Alpha Pen isn't cheap because you get what you pay for...just like your dad told you. The price represents the real cost of manufacturing quality goods, in small volume, right here in the USA. The Alpha won't be for everyone, but if you know quality and demand the best (right down to the custom manufactured screws) you're my customer!

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