Olight SR96 Intimidator 4800 Lumen CREE MK-R Flashlight


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The Olight SR series has consistently been a bunch of impressive, high-output mega-lights.  The new Olight SR96 Intimidator is no exception, putting out an impressive 4800 lumens using the SR series battery pack to power three CREE MK-R LEDs.  While previous SR lights have been focused on distance, the SR96 is meant more for area lighting, with a massive hotspot that gives you a wall of light to light up a very wide area.  The throw is still ANSI rated at 325m, so lighting up an entire field at once is no problem.

From Olight: 

The SR-series of flashlights from OLIGHT have re-defined the development process of high-power LED flashlights through constant innovation.  The SR96, the newest masterpiece of the SR-series succeeding the SR95S-UT, pushes lumen output to 4800 lumens. 

Unlike high-powered LED Flashlights of the past that concentrated mainly long distance throw, the SR96 is designed for superior illumination.  The new CREE MK-R LED built on CREE’s revolutionary SC3 platform provides consistent color temperature and efficient output with up to 200 lumens per watt.  Three of the MK-R LEDs are used in the SR96 to boost the output to 4800 lumens!

  • Up to 4200 lumens. Utilizing 3 x CREE MK-R LEDs, each for 1400 lumens
  • Three-dimensional heat dissipation. The hollowed-out structure of the SR96 maximizes airflow to the heating element improving thermal radiation.
  • Crisscrossed grooves form a convection channel to efficiently pull heat away.
  • 7800mAh,7.4V large capacity battery pack. Ollight SR series are designed with a common battery pack , making the battery pack compatible with other SR-series flashlights
  • Thermal management system and real-time temperature detection. When the flashlight is on max output, the first 5 minutes will be full brightness. In the subsequent 5 minutes, the output will gradually drop to 50% of the initial brightness.  The human visual sensitivity to light will almost unable to sense the changing process. A built-in temperature sensor prevents the flashlight from overheating and damaging the light
  • Included:
    • Flashlight
    • Strap
    • AC charger
    • Power cable for charger
    • Manual
    • Warranty card

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