Olight SR95S UT Ultra Throw Intimidator 1250 Lumens SBT-70 Flashlight

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The Olight SR95S Intimidator Ultra Thrower (SR95S UT for short) is a special edition of the SR95UT. The SR95S UT inherits the sturdy SR95 frame, but has an upgraded LED, the Luminus SBT-70 LED, which adopts an un-encapsulated die with a low profile protective window to get perfect light intensity by optimizing focus on the reflector .The new SBT-70 LED is combined with Olight’s special designed reflector and the SR95’s well-established platform. The SR95S UT achieves staggering 1000 meters of ultra-throw ability, making it an industry leader in performance.

  • Uses world-class super bright revolutionary round LED --- Luminus SBT-70
  • Max.Beam Intensity: 250,000cd, Max.Beam Distance:1000m
  • The lighting source adopts an un-encapsulated die to get perfect light intensity by optimizing focus on the reflector
  • The 7800mAh 7.4V 18650 rechargeable lithium battery can also be used in SR90/91/92/95 with a perfect compatibility
  • Hollow out structure in the head reduces weight by 25% compared to traditional sealed packet design
  • The hollowed out structures achieves twice the cooling surface area than that of solid design
  • Lens: tough ultra-clear tempered glass, with anti-reflective coating
  • The large square surface texture in the body increases grip for a teady hold
  • A large, 18mm diameter button makes the light easy to operate
  • Olight patented lock out function

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