Olight S15 Baton 1 x AA XM-L2 280 Lumen LED Flashlight


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The Olight S15 is the AA light of the Baton series.  Normally, we would say that it is the single AA version, but the S15 has a very nice feature that sets it apart from other AA lights.  Using optional extenders, you can make the light a 2 x AA or 3 x AA light to give it even more runtime than the already impressive battery life you get with a single battery.  The Olight S15 can use NiMh, alkaline, or 14500 lithium ion (maximum of one lithium ion, three of NiMh or alkaline) batteries, giving you a wide range of compatible battery types. Like the S10 and S20, the S15 has a strong, removable magnet in the tailcap that allows it to attach to many surfaces, making it a very effective worklight. 

The Olight S15 uses the latest CREE XM-L2 LED and has a clean, bright, wide beam that is useful for many purposes.  The interface is the same as on the S20 and gives you instant access to the lowest 0.5 lumen output, the memorized output, and the highest 280 lumen output from off.  The other modes are accessed quickly and easily once the light is turned on.

Check the additional images for the ANSI specs (output levels, runtimes, etc.)

  • Aviation grade aluminum body, with anti-scratch type III hard anodizing.
  • Stainless steel bezel for impact protection
  • Side switch with blue button cap, soft and comfortable to press
  • Specially designed smooth reflector and 99% luminousness lens with anti-reflective coating on both sides for excellent beam distance.
  • Highly efficient drive circuit, compatible with NiMh, alkaline, and 14500 AA sized batteries.
  • Run time of up to 15 days under moonlight mode.
  • Maximum output up to 280 lumens (tested by using 14500 rechargeable lithium battery).
  • Four adjustable brightness levels: moonlight-low-middle-high and strobe; automatic memory function can memorize the brightness level while off (excluding strobe).
  • With flashlight off, press side switch to directly activate high mode or moonlight mode.
  • Deep carry reversible pocket clip for easy carry
  • Lanyard hole in the tail for lanyard strap size of up to 2mm.
  • Detachable strong magnet inside the tail allows the flashlight to be attached vertically to any ferrous objects.
  • Flat bottom allows stable tail standing.
  • Extremely low standby current: 0.5uA while using 1.5V battery; 1.2uA while using 4.2V battery.
  • Battery reverse polarity function guards against improper battery installation.
  • Lock-out function
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Standard accessories:
    • Lanyard
    • Spare o-rings
    • Magnet replacement ring
    • User manual
  • Optional accessories
    • TW10-W
    • TW10-O
    • Filter (white, red, green, blue)

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