NiteCore SmartRing SR3 CREE XR-E R2 LED Flashlight

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  • Simple, intuitive rotary interface
  • CREE XR-E R2 high efficiency LED
  • Max output 220 lumens
  • Military-grade aluminum alloy
  • Mil-Spec Type-III Hard-Anodized finish resists scratches
  • Stainless steel retaining ring on light bezel, effectively protects the light from drops and impacts
  • Tactical grip-ring on the tail
  • Special lanyard hole design
  • Anti-roll design


  • Battery
    Powered by one CR123 battery or one protected rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Output and Runtime
    Max: 220 Lumens for up to 50 minutes
    Low: 5 Lumens for up to 35 hours
  • Effective range: 200 meters
  • Functions: 8 levels of brightness selection or 7 levels of brightness and one Strobe mode
  • Dimensions: Head diameter 32mm, Tube diameter 22mm, Total length 107mm
    Weight:108 g
  • Waterproof according to the IPX-8 standard. (1.5 meter in water for 1 hour)


Tactical activation: Partially depress the tailcap switch for momentary activation, release and the light will be turned off.
Constant activation: Fully depress the tailcap switch to "click on" position and release for constant light, which will be ON until you fully depress the tailcap switch again to the "click off" position, and the light is turned off.
Safety Lock: To prevent accidental light activation, users should loosen the tailcap for a full turn in counter-clockwise direction to enter the safety lock position. The light will not be turned on under this mode even if users depress the tailcap switch.

Selecting Output

When the light is turned on, rotate the SmartRing near the light bezel. The brightness will change. Rotate the smart ring in the counter-clockwise direction and the brightness will increase step by step till the Max. Rotate the smart ring in the clockwise direction and the brightness will decrease step by step till the Min. The SR3 has 8 levels of brightness from Min to Max: 5 Lumens, 10 Lumens, 20 Lumens, 40 Lumens, 60 Lumens, 120 Lumens, 160 Lumens, 220 Lumens. When the brightness decreases, the runtime of the light increases. Using one single CR123 battery, the light can sustain continuous use for up to 35 hours at Min and 50 minutes at Max.

Custom Strobe Mode

By rotating the smart ring, users can set a strobe mode which is a hidden function in SR 3, according to own using habits and different circumstances. When strobe mode is needed, firstly turn on the flashlight, and rotate the smart ring in counter-clockwise direction till the end of the turn (the default Max mode of the light). After that, swiftly rotate the smart ring to the other end of the turn (the default Min mode of the light) and rotate it back to the other side instantly (this operation should be performed within 2 seconds.) If the operation performed correctly, the hidden Strobe mode in SR3 will be activated, and the light will have 7 levels of brightness and one strobe: 5 Lumens, 10 Lumens, 20 Lumens, 50 Lumens, 90 Lumens, 150 Lumens, 220 Lumens, and Strobe. If users need to hide the strobe mode again, repeat the above operation will do.

Battery Replacement

When the battery is low, low brightness may occur or users may not be able to control the brightness or turn on the light. Users should turn off the light and insert a new battery. If you continually use a low-voltage battery, there may be danger of battery leakage or even explosion (with rechargeable Li-ion batteries without safety circuits).


Twice a year clean the threads with a clean cloth and apply a thin coat of silicon-based lubricant to them. NOTE: DO NOT use petroleum-based lubricant on the waterproof O-rings, which may cause damage to the o-rings.

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