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It only takes one experience trying to do it to discover that mini flashlights were not designed to be held in the mouth. Their round shape and hard metal composition make it not only uncomfortable, but also unstable. We created the Lite Bite to fix that problem. This comfortably wide, flat, patented mouthpiece, is designed to fit in your mouth in a way that distributes bite pressure over a greater number of teeth. It allows you to easily support the weight of your mini flashlight and hold it steadily. Easy to attach to your flashlightÂ’s end, the Lite Bite also comes with an accessory cord so you can conveniently carry it around your neck between uses.

  • Designed to fit a wide variety of AAA and AA round barrel flashlights.
  • Mouth-piece design distributes bit pressure over a greater number of teeth – made of FDA approved plastic.
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Comes packaged with an accessory cord as an option to carry your flashlight when using the Lite Bite.

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