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Balancing ultralight weight with absorbency, the Ultralite towel is portable enough for just about any journey and is our lightest towel available in full size. Double the absorbency of the Nano™ towel, it can handle anything from a backcountry swim to a front country shower.

  • Lightweight: Full size towel weighs just 3.1 oz (89g).
  • Versatile: The best balance of light weight and high absorbency with larger sizes for frequent use.
  • 4X Rapid-Cycle Absorbency: Soaks up twice its weight in water; then wrings out almost completely dry - over and over.
  • Durable: Tough Poly/Nylon blend provides maximum durability in a lightweight fabric.
  • Easy Care: Machine wash, then hang dry using the convenient snap loop or tumble dry.
Small Medium Large XL
Color Blue, Green Blue, Green Blue, Green Blue, Green
Width 9 in / 23 cm 12 in / 30 cm 20 in / 51 cm 27 in / 69 cm
Length 20 in / 51 cm 30 in / 76 cm 36 in / 92 cm 50 in / 127 cm
Weight 0.5 oz / 15 g 0.8 oz / 22 g 1.8 oz / 51 g 3.1 oz / 89 g
Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA Made in Seattle, USA Made in Seattle, USA Made in Seattle, USA

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