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1. Incredibly Compact and Lightweight but Powerful and long runtime AA Headlamp - Weighing only 2.82oz (without battery), but adopts high performance CREE XP-L LED or high CRI Nichia 219C LED, Maximum 350 Lumens oupput, Maximum 175 hours runtime, only need to be powered by 1x AA battery.
2. Multi-purpose Angle Flashlight with Adjustable Elastic Headband & Sufficiently Powerful Magnetic Tail Cap & Reversible Clip - offers us an almost infinite possibilities of use: it is comfortable , wear on the head, in the hand, on a table, hooked in trouser pocket, shirt, a cinch Of a backpack, side of the car, refrigerator, any small field house, tent... 
3. Design & Patent - Most efficiency constant current circuit, unique heat dissipation copper structure and patent-protected White/Red/Green lantern filters also make Manker E03H significantly different with other headlight. 
4. Multi-Modes - Moonlight, Low, Middle, High, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, Beacon.
5. Lock out & Program moonlight - Lock out can prevent the light accidental turn on. Engineering Mode is able to program the lowest "Moonlight" from many possible, you can select comfortable moonlight for yourself. 

Emitter: CREE XP-L LED / Nichia 219C LED (CRI >90)
Maximum 350lumens output(CREE XP-L LED Version)
Maximum 240lumens output(Nichia 219C LED Version)
Maximum beam intensity: 840cd
Maximum beam distance: 58meters
Working voltage: 0.6 -1.8v
Waterproof: IPX-8, 2 meters under wanter
Impact resistance: 2 meters
Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit
Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum body
Surface teatment: Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Magnet tailcap
Dimensions: 78mm length x 20mm head diamter
Weight: 80g (headband included)
Accessories: O-ring *1, Lanyard *1, User manual *1, Pocket clip *1, Filter (white, red, green)

Brightness Levels & runtime:
Moonlight: 0.1lumen 175hrs,
Low: 12lumen 30hrs,
Mid: 50lumen 7.5hrs,
High: 140lumen 3hrs,
Turbo: 350-140lumen 3min-2.8hrs,
Strobe: 350lm.



Manker E03H UI
1.When the flashlight is off, one click, access to moonlight mode (left part of the figure),one click to circle: moonlight - Low - High. Long press for off. 2.When the flashlight is off, long press to access to the mode your last use as in left part of the figure (Memory function), one click for circle. Long press for off.
3.When the flashlight is off, double click access to Turbo, one click for circle. Long press for off.
4.When the flashlight is on, double click to switch between the two groups(left and right part of the figure)

Lock out:
One click-Double-Triple from any mode to lock out the flashlight.

Engineering Mode(Choose output level for Moonlight mode):
Quick click for 4 times from any mode to get access to engineering mode. One click to check different levels and long press to make your final choice.

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