LionSTEEL B35 Walnut Handle Fixed Blade Knife 3.54in Sleipner Steel Blade w/ Leather Sheath - B35 WN


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The B35 is a fixed blade knife, suitable for every camp usage and especially useful for mountain hikes. The B35 limited dimensions make it easy to wear without penalizing its bushcraft knifefeatures.

The B35 is equipped with a Sleipner steel blade, which guarantees a high endurance sharpening. The blade is available with a satin finish while the handle is provided in five versions: olive wood, Santos wood, walnut wood, black G10 and green Canvas.

Designed by Molletta, the B35 has a handle with a unique ergonomics, that allows to hold the knife in both ways, that is to say, with the thumb towards the blade or towards the end of the handle.

The B35 is supplied with a double seam leather sheath


Technical specifications:

Total length: 203 mm. - 7.99 in.
Blade length: 90 mm. - 3.54 in.
Sharpening length: 87 mm. - 3.43 in.
Total thickness: 17 mm. - 0.67 in.
Blade thickness: 3.7 mm. - 0.15 in.
Total weight: 118 gr. - 4.16 oz.
Blade steel: Sleipner steel
Blade finish: Satin finished
Handle material: Walnut
Sheath: Leather with double seam
Packaging: Cardboard box

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