LighterBro Lighter Sleeve - Multi-tool - Stainless Steel


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Pocket Knife & Instant Fire!
In one compact multi-tool masterpiece
100% stainless steel & built to last.

Knife - Screwdrivers - Poker
- Easily opens boxes packages.

- Cuts tough cord / rope.

- Perfect screwdriver for eye glasses or repair small electronics, phones etc.

- Key ring attachment.

Instant Fire - Scissors - Bottle Opener
- Save time searching for a bottle opener when you need it.

- Trims your nails or that loose thread.

- Be Prepared for any emergency with instant Fire.

- Light the BBQ, candles, birthday cake, fireplace, camping stove.

Razor Sharp Knife -- Easily opens boxes / packages -- Cuts tough cord / rope Micro Screwdriver -- Perfect for eye glasses -- Repair small electronics, phones Bottle Opener and key ring attachment -- Save time searching for a bottle opener when you need it Spring-action scissors -- Super sharp -- Trims your nails -- Precisely cuts thread, cloth, paper, packaging All on this compact stylish lighter sleeve -- 100% SATISFACTION, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

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