Light My Fire Large Strike Anywhere Matches

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Light My Fire Large Strike Anywhere Matches

The UCO Strike Anywhere Matches are a 'just-in-case' box of 250 matches that are great to have around the house to light candles, start the BBQ, light a gas stove, or to start a fire. These are great for use at home or when camping.

Strike anywhere matches allow you to ignite them on multiple surface, even without a match striker. This is especially useful if your match striker is damaged or missing. Throw a box into your emergency kit and have fire ready whenever you need it!


  • Large-sized safety matches.
  • Strike Anywhere Matches allow for ignition without the use of a standard striker.
  • Carbonized match stick for safer fire starting.
  • Ideal for lighting campfires, fireplaces, stoves, BBQs, lanterns, candles, and more.
  • Contains 250 matches per box.
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