Laulima Metal Craft Ion Slim Titanium 14500 Flashlight Nichia 519a LED H17Fx Driver - Made in USA

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Dawson Machine Craft - All of their flashlights are machined, finely finished, and assembled personally by Joshua at his Missouri shop with pocket clips and light engines built by Mitch in Oregon. These lights are proudly Made in USA. 

The Malihini Slim is a 14500/AA cell based light with a clicky switch in the tail.

Slims are equipped with the following:

• Nichia 519a emitter
• Titanium Clip
• Black Carbon or Stainless Steel Clip Screws
• H17Fx Driver for maximum performance using 14500 cells
• McR 18 coated aluminum reflector
• McClicky switch
• Black logo switch boot
• Maker Card
• Laulima Microfiber Pouch

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