Klarus TR12 Remote Pressure Switch

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The TR12 remote pressure switch has been created for the Klarus XT series flashlights to make them more multi-purpose. The TR12 will fit the XT2C model to create a compact gun light for military use, hunting and air soft. Unlike many other remote pressure switches, the TR12 has two buttons on the pressure pad, which will give you full control over the light. Attach your XT series flashlight using the TR12 remote switch to your bike to light-up a dark trail or road at night.


  • Strobe function can be accessed by just clicking once in any mode, including off mode. 
  • Provides multiple outputs and tactical momentary-on function. The constant-on switch also provides access to High-Mid-Low modes and strobe.
  • Offers a signal controlled switch; which provides no power loss to the flashlight unit. In other remote switches, power efficiency can be affected which shortens the unit's run time.
  • The super low standby mode (current 3uA) offers almost zero loss of battery life
  • Easy to operate

Switch and Operations

Momentary activation: Click anywhere (except strobe switch/circular button) on the pressure pad to active momentary-on mode.
Constant-on: Press and hold the constant-on switch for more than 1 second for constant-on mode with high output.
High-Mid-Low Outputs: With constant-on activated, press the constant-on switch for more than 0.6 second to cycle through High-Mid-Low modes. Click anywhere on the pressure pad (all but the strobe switch) to turn the light off.
Strobe: When the light is on or off, click the strobe switch (circular button) to access the strobe function. To deactivate strobe, click the strobe switch again--- this will switch to the previous output(s). For example, if it was turned off prior to accessing the strobe function, the unit will return to off mode. If it was set previously to the mid output mode, the unit will return to mid output mode.


  • High quality durable PU material.
  • 100,000 clicks life cycle
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
  • Diameter of tail: 26mm. Length of tail: 36mm
  • Length of wire: 23cm. Whole length of remote pressure switch: 46mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • It fits on XT2C.

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