Klarus BK20AB Kit to Covert XT20 into BK20 Bike Light


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The BK20-AB conversion kit includes a rechargeable battery pack, charger and remote control switch. The kit connects with the head of your XT20 flashlight to create an ultra-bright, far-throwing bike light with long run-times. Designed for the rugged trail, the BK20-AB kit is durable, secure, shockproof, waterproof, easy to operate and quick to detach from your bike.

Please note that the XT20 is NOT included.  The BK20-AB kit contains the parts to convert an XT20 into a BK20 bike light.

With two heads and a maximum output of 1200 lumens, the XT20 makes one of the most powerful and desirable bike lights in the world. The remote switch can be attached to your handlebar grip for full remote control of the BK20. Then, when you need a flashlight, you can attach the XT20 head to its original body tube – making it a multipurpose light for exploration, hunting, camping and travel.


  • Specially designed conversion kit for the XT20, which allows the XT20 head to be used as a powerful bike light (BK20). When you need a flashlight, you can attach the XT20 head to the original XT20 body tube.
  • Rechargeable battery pack. 4x 18650 batteries with capacity of 7.2V/4400mAh, which power the light for 4 hours on maximum illumination (1200 lumens) and 10 hours on medium (370 lumens). 
  • Three lighting modes and one strobe mode.
  • The remote control buttons are made from silica gel making them durable, shockproof and waterproof. They attach to the handlebars for quick, easy and safe operation of the light – there’s no need to take your hand off the handlebar.
  • Durable cable with a thick core maintains constant power between light and power source.
  • Easily detachable power connector ensures a waterproof and mud-proof connection with no interruption in power.
  • Waterproof and shock proof silica gel battery holster.
  • Detachable stainless steel bike mount is simple, practical and completely portable.
  • Easily detachable battery pack and high performance charger, which charges all 4 batteries in the pack simultaneously. An indicator shows the progress of the charger.
  • Uses high cushioning, easily washable waterproof battery holster, which efficiently protects the batteries and avoids abrasion of the batteries and bike from rough terrain riding.


  • Working voltage: 7.0V - 14.0V
  • Power supply cord: Black, ï¿ 0.4cm×100cm
  • Remote switch cord: Black, ï¿ 0.4cm×20cm(Natural),¢0.4cm×46cm(Stretchable)
  • Dual button remote switch provides three lighting modes and one strobe mode.
  • Lighting mode: (with XT20 head)
    • High mode: 1200 lumens (4 hours)
    • Medium mode: 370 lumens (10 hours)
    • Low mode: 10 lumens (360 hours)
    • Strobe mode: 1200 lumens (7.6 hours)
  • Battery pack: 4x 18650 batteries
  • Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, silica gel, PU slingshot thread
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum. Hard-anodized with an anti-abrasive finish.
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (waterproof to 2 meters)
  • Included materials: Magic band (x2), hardware holder (x1), O-rings (x2), silica gel band (x2), battery pack(x1), battery holster (x1), remote switch (x1) and charger (x1)


The above-mentioned parameters are only an approximation. 4 pcs 3.6V 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries were used in our tests for a working voltage of 7.2 volts and 4400 mAh. Results may vary with different batteries and environments.

Switch and Operations

  • Momentary activation: Click anywhere (except strobe switch/circular button) on the pressure pad to active momentary-on mode.
  • Constant-on: Press and hold the constant-on switch for more than 1 second for constant-on mode with high output.
  • High-Mid-Low Outputs: With constant-on activated, press the constant-on switch for more than 0.6 second to cycle through High-Mid-Low modes. Click anywhere on the pressure pad (all but the strobe switch) to turn the light off.
  • Strobe: When the light is on or off, click the strobe switch (circular button) to access the strobe function. To deactivate strobe, click the strobe switch again--- this will switch to the previous output(s). For example, if it was turned off prior to accessing the strobe function, the unit will return to off mode. If it was set previously to the mid output mode, the unit will return to mid output mode.

 Usage and Maintenance

  • Do not shine light directly into eyes.
  • Remove battery when stored for extended periods.
  • Replace and lubricate O-Rings as needed to maintain IPX-8 rating.

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