JETBeam RRT-3 1200 Lumen SST-50 LED Flashlight Black

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The RRT-3 is the latest light in JETBeam's line of Rapid Response lights. Using three 18650 or six CR123/16340 batteries, the light is capable of putting out 1200 lumens on high for a continuous hour thanks to the substantial heat sinking. Optional pressure switch shown above.


  • SST 50 LED
  • Max LED working current is 5A, Max output reaches 1200 lumens (LED lumens).
  • The out of front lumens is approximately 850 lumens.
  • Using 3* 18650 rechargeable batteries, compatible with 6 *CR123 batteries.
  • Under max output condition RRT-3 can run for approximately 1 hour.
  • Because of relatively big size, RRT-3 has good heatsink capability and can be used for a continuous period of time.


  • RRT-3 adopts Luminus SST 50 LED SST 50 LED, and max output reaches 1200 lumens (LED lumens).Using 3* 18650 rechargeable batteries, it also has the Rapid Response Tactical Ring technique;users can swiftly choose 6 levels of brightness, and strobe and standby functions.
  • The RRT3,this model adopts Luminus SST 50 LED as the light source, which will be able to reach as high as 1200 lumens output. This light should be world's first single LED flashlight whose lumen ouput exceeds 1000 lumens. Besides, RRT3 has the Rapid Response Tactical Ring technique, users can swiftly choose different levels of brightness and functions.
  • There is no LED flashlight like RRT3 who can reach over 1000 lumens in the past, only HID can do this, but using HID technique has many deficiencies as well. For example, HID needs 5-10 seconds to activate the light, while RRT3 can be turned on instantly. HID light bulb has a lifespan of 1000 hours, but LED has 50,0000 hourse instead, it does not die theoretically. It can be said that RRT3 is a milestone of LED flashligt history, which creates the history of over 1000 lumens high light output LED flashlights.

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