JETBeam M2S SST-50 1000 Lumen Flashlight

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  • SST-50 LED
  • Max LED working current is 4A, Max output reaches 1000 lumens (LED lumens).
  • The out of front lumens is approximately 700 lumens.
  • Using 2* 18650 rechargeable batteries, compatible with both 4 *CR123 or 4 *RCR123 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, under max output condition M2S can run for approximately 40 minutes.
    Note: Body extender is required to use 2*18650, 4*CR123 or 4*RCR123. Without extender, M2S uses 3*CR123 or 3*RCR123.
  • SST50 LED will send out a large amount of heat when under 4A working current, and M2S's volume can not completely solve the thermal problem, so circuit configuration is that the M2S continuously work for 10 minutes in High mode then automatically switch to Mid mode(450 lumens) in which it can work for approximately 2 hours. The output of Low mode is 50 lumens, and runtime is about 20 hours.
  • Color: Dark Gray


  • User can switch the modes quickly by tightening/loosening the light bezel.
  • Tightening the head for Max output (continuous use for 10 mins and automatically switch to Mid mode)
  • Loosening the head for Mid mode - Low mode - 15HZ strobe

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