iTP Light H01 CREE LED Headlamp

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The H01 is iTP's first headlamp, featuring the AAA form factor that they perfected with the A3 EOS. Tiny and light while still being super bright, the H01 is a great addition to your lighting arsenal.


  • LED Type: Cree XP-E Q5
  • Function: Low-Med-High
  • Finish: HA Type â…¢
  • Reflector: Orange Peel
  • Lens:Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
  • Water and Dust Resistant to IP68
  • Switch: Head Twisty Switch
  • Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F
  • Battery: 1 x AAA, 1 x Rechargeable NiMh AAA, or 1 x 10440 (due to the small body size, 10440 batteries are not recommended since it may cause the light becoming hot very quickly). Batteries are not included.
  • Three output levels: Low 1.5 lumens (50 hours) -> Medium 18 lumens (4 hours) ->-High 80 lumens (55 minutes)
  • Standard Accessories: 1 x Clip, 2 x O-rings, 1 x Manual
  • Size and Weight:
    • L 52.5mm (2.07'') x D 16.2mm (0.64'') x W 36.2mm (1.43'') ,
    • 22.8g (Excluding Battery and belt), 50.8g (Excluding battery)
  • Operation:
    • Battery installation:
      • Remove the light tail.
      • Insert the battery with the negative end toward the tail.
    • Operation:
      • Insert the battery and tighten the tail
      • Tighten the head clockwise to turn on the headlamp.
      • When the light is on, loosening (counter-clockwise) and tightening (clockwise) the head within 1 second will change the mode between low, medium and high level.
      • After choosing a specific mode, the headlamp will memorize that level and will default to the level when turned on.
      • Loosen the head to turn off the headlamp.

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