HDS Systems EDC Law Enforcement Custom 1 x CR123/1 x 16340 CREE XP-L 325 Lumen LED Flashlight


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The HDS Systems' EDC LE flashlights provide a Clicky-style interface that is geared toward law enforcement and security requirements. The EDC LE turns on to High so you always have enough light for potentially tactical situations. Once your flashlight is on, press and hold for Maximum, double-click for Medium or triple-click for Tactical Strobe. The Tactical Strobe is handy for warning traffic and making sure you are seen or disorienting someone under the influence.

Typical law enforcement and security tasks demand the light comes on to a tactical brightness (greater than 60 lumens), but not necessarily the maximum brightness. We have chosen a minimum of 110 lumens as a good compromise between brightness and runtime. Maximum is always directly available - even from off - and can be used to provide non-lethal force or to see extended distances.

The EDC LE provides a true tactical operation mode – when the button is pressed, your flashlight is on Maximum; when the button is released, your flashlight is off. This method of operation is used for “flash and dash” tactical techniques. This method of operation also ensures that if you should accidentally drop your flashlight, your flashlight will not provide your opponent with a ready target.

The four preset brightness levels can be customized so you can adjust the levels to better fit your changing requirements. But don't worry, customization is locked away to preserve the basic simplicity of your flashlight. You have to enable customization before making any changes and then you can disable customization once you are finished.

The EDC LE 325 flashlight provides the following features:

  • Elegant single button interface - simple access to 4 preset brightness settings.
  • True tactical mode provided.
  • Lowest cost of ownership - this light is easy on the battery budget.
  • Turns on to 110 lumens, runtime: 2.75 hours (tactical), 3.25 hours (ANSI).
  • Press-and-hold for 325 lumens, runtime: 1.65 hours (tactical), 2.0 hours (ANSI).
  • Double-click for 9 lumens, runtime: 30 hours (ANSI).
  • Triple-click for Tactical Strobe, runtime: 6.75 hours (tactical), 9 hours (ANSI).
  • Potted electronics for the ultimate in reliability under extreme conditions.
  • Sealed gold-plated switch for maximum reliability.
  • Anti-damage battery compartment protects battery during extreme abuse.
  • Nearly unbreakable ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflective coatings.
  • Durable Acme threads used throughout.
  • Constant brightness through constant power regulation.
  • Elegant low battery warning.
  • Designed for both regular lithium batteries and rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Protectsrechargeable batteries from over-discharge and sudden death.
  • Full thermal management - never gets too hot.
  • Aerospace aluminum body protected with black military Type 3 hard anodize. Stainless steel crenelated bezel with black military AlTiN finish.
  • Single 123 battery.
  • May be customized for special applications.
  • Water/dust proof - IP67, 20m (66 feet) of water.
  • Dimensions: Ø 25.4mm x 97mm (Ø 1" x 3.8").
  • Weight: 102g (3.6oz) including battery.

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