Hardwood Firesteel / Ferro Rod 1/2" - Cherry

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Hardwood Firesteel / Ferro Rod 1/2" - Cherry

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I have received several request for some firesteels with handles and these are the answer to that. I wanted to use exotic hardwoods, but still offer them at a decent price. I thought turned handles would be a good compromise, so I went off on a search for someone that can do quality work and still help me keep the price low. Luckily my dad is a professional wood turner. I worked with him to refine the design several times over and settled on this one as the most comfortable to hold in the hand. Since these are handmade one at a time, they will very slightly differ from handle to handle, but the overall size and design will be the same.

The firesteels are 1/2" firesteels (length depends on what you select) and the handle is made from a turned hardwood, with an aluminum lanyard hole. The firesteel is epoxied into the handle and the wood is sealed and coated (not stained, color is natural) to help keep moisture out. A striker is not included, but anything with a sharp edge, like the squared of spine of a knife, a hacksaw blade, or a Swiss Army Knife file will work great.
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