FOURSEVENS MMS/MM-X Remote Pressure Switch - Curled

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4Sevens is excited to announce an accessory as revolutionary as our flashlights themselves - the Maelstrom MMS/MM-X digital remote tailswitch! What makes this remote switch so unique is that itÂ’'s fully digital. This allows for the remote switch to provide not just hundreds of uses, but to continue working after even 100,000 actuations! No other flashlight remote switch comes close!

We’'ve exhaustively tested the remote tailswitch, and in addition to its reliability, we'’ve also given it the perfect “touch” – not too stiff, yet not too sensitive. If you’ve been looking for a remote switch for your Maelstrom MMS or MM-X, this is it. There’'s none better.

These remote switches also use our patent-pending secure battery design. See images tab for a close-up!


  • Weight: 1.11oz (31.5g)
  • Diameter: 0.98in (25mm)
  • Total Length, expanded/stretched: Approx. 2ft
  • Cable Length, coiled: 7.48in (190mm)
  • Total Length, coiled: 8.57in (217.6mm)

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