Foursevens Mini Bolt 1 x AAA 100 Lumen CREE XP-L LED Flashlight


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The Bolt Light family is a special three-way collaboration between Fellhoelter, Tuff-Writer, and FOURSEVENS, with a unique and innovative user-interface. While most flashlights rely on a traditional push-button switch, the Bolt Light uses a sliding bolt mechanism, allowing you to turn the light on and off, or change modes, with an easy and natural swiping motion. With three brightness levels and four special output modes, the Bolt Light is versatile enough to meet the needs of a variety of situations.

The Bolt Mini is the newest member of our Bolt Action family. Using a single AAA battery, it's noticeably smaller than its predecessor, and fits perfectly in your hand. And for the first time in one of our Bolt Action lights, you can reconfigure the modes to suit your needs. There are five configurations to choose between, ranging from a simple single-mode interface to a versatile eight mode interface. By default, all Bolt Mini lights come with the "Max Only" interface selected.


Pulse-Width Modulation
Reverse-Polarity Protection
Mode Memory
Bolt-Action switch
Re-configurable Modes


  • Dimensions: Length: 4.98 inches / Diameter: 0.51 inches / Weight: 1.13 oz
  • LED Emitter: CREE XP-L LED
  • Voltage Range: 0.9V - 3V
  • Spot Beam: Angle: 22.6 degrees;Diameter at 3 meters: 1200mm
  • Angle: 84 degrees; Diameter at 1 meter: 5400mm
  • Brightness Levels: Low: 5 lumens, 20 hrs / Medium: 20 lumens, 3 hrs / Max: 100 lumens, 1 hr
  • Special Modes: Strobe (10hz): 2 hrs / SOS: 3 hrs / Beacon High: 7.5 hrs / Beacon Low: 40 hrs


  • Battery, spare o-rings

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