Fisher Millenium II Space Pen - Black Titanium Nitride 2010BTN-4

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This Fisher Executive Space Pen offers the heft and feel that today's office warrior demands! Whether working in an office or outside, the Millenium II Series provides style and comfort both in it's writing and it's presentation. As with all Fisher Space Pens, it offers extreme quality and durability on which you can always rely. Fisher Space Pen, write anywhere, anytime, always. That's not a promise, that's a fact! This Millenium Space Pen is guaranteed to write satisfactorily for your lifetime without running out of ink!

You can write a continuous line over 30 miles long - which is enough to last the average person for 80 years. It's made of the finest quality materials in the USA. Featuring a special kind of ink which requires less to write smooth bold lines, a tungsten-carbide ball point that will last three lifetimes and a larger ink chamber to hold enough space pen ink to last you forever.

  • Style: Cap Slides ON & Off Clip Permanently Attached
  • Finish: Black Titanium Nitride and Chrome
  • Length: Open - 5.5" Closed - 4.25"
  • Refill: Non Refillable Black Ink Bold Point
  • Packaging: Gift Box

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