Fatwood Fire Steel - Character

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Every Fatwood Fire Steel is completely unique and may vary slightly from the product's images

The Character Edition Fatwood Fire Steel is the same size and functionality as the Original, but are carefully selected from beautiful pieces of wood that are full of character and are incredibly unique.

Using a handle that is made out of polished fatwood, the Fatwood Fire Steel is a unique and easy to use tool to start a fire in any condition. Instead of needing to find the perfect type of wood to use as starter, or find dry wood, simply scratch some shavings off of the handle itself and strike the ferrocerium rod onto the shavings and BAM! Fire. With a beautiful fatwood handle that even lights when wet.. the ferro rod sparks at 5000 degrees Fahrenheit has no problem at all starting a fire in 1 or 2 strikes!


Each Fatwood Fire Steel comes with 33 inches of 550 military grade paracord in the color of your choice! A piece of practice fatwood and a striker are also included.

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